Supply One

“Late in 2017 I assumed responsibility for two manufacturing facilities in Virginia.  At that time employee turnover exceeded 80%.  One of the key reasons for the turnover was supervision or more specifically the lack of “people skills” within our supervisor team.  I brought Jan Makela in to our largest facility to explain Strength Finders and coach supervisors and all salaried employees as well.    The experience was a tremendous success on many levels.  First, our supervisors up to that time had received very little soft skills and had focused mainly on the technical side of supervision.  By having them all take the SF Assessment and having Jan explain what it means to work to your strengths was both eye opening and gratifying personally and professionally.  Within 4 months our employee turnover was reduced to under 10%.  I fully credit SF and the coaching Jan did with this remarkable achievement. Today, every new employee takes the SF Assessment on their first day.  We also keep a roster of everyone and their Top 5 strengths posted for all to see.”


Thomas S. Andersen

Executive Vice President

SupplyOne Virginia

PO Box 126

90 Packaging Drive

Weyers Cave, VA  24486

T 540-453-2450