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The Right Strengths for a Manager After she read her full 34, it all made sense. No wonder this new role was killing her. She just didn’t have the right strengths to manage people…or so she thought. Layla was a successful engineer. Leading with Intellection, Strategic and Responsibility, she could think deeply about a problem and work tirelessly toward a solution. But her recent promotion to people

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Valued Employees

Every job exists because it provides value. Tell your employees we value what you do. With out you doing your good job everyday we won’t have the success we have had. Now watch their eyes when you tell them you value what they do.

Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions

Feedback is the breakfast of champions. Do it a lot. Positive feedback grows and negative feedback stifles. Catch your team members doing it right and watch them grow. If your organization is only giving negative feedback your organization is going no where.