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Team dysfunction hurts your bottom line- From Trybal – This is so true


We already know the Cost of Avoidance is $1,500 & and 8 hour workday for every conflict we avoid, which, for an organization of 250, costs a minimum of $200,000! If you thought that was steep, get ready in this week’s Lucrative Lookback to see the baseline cost of dysfunctional teams.

I’ll give you a second to take a deep breath and really get comfortable. We’re heading into 7 figures here, folks!

Down to the business of team dysfunction.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been on a dysfunctional team, or have witnessed one first hand.

Now, raise your hand if you thought that was/looked like fun!

No one? *Cue Sarcasm* How odd!

In all seriousness, dysfunctional teams are the bane of every stakeholder’s existence. They look bad, they feel worse and their performance is even more dismal than that…if you even want to call what they are doing performance.

This infographic sums up the baseline financial cost of dysfunctional teams in an organization of 250 people:

The Detrimental Cost of Dysfunctional Teams

That number is a bit sobering, especially considering this is not a large organization! Keep in mind, this is onlythe baseline financial cost. It doesn’t even include the estimated $200,000 from conflict avoidance!

Other detriments that aren’t calculated above include:

  • Lack of trust & safety
  • High levels of disengaged employees
  • Wasted time gossiping, avoiding conflict etc.
  • High turnover
  • Knowledge gaps
  • Lost faith in leadership
  • Poor internal mobilization
  • Missed opportunities
  • Absenteeism
  • Inefficiency
  • Low morale
  • Stress/health problems
  • Poor teamwork

Be the Manager People want to follow

A big thank you to the people in Ohio who spent the day with me. Five days and five cities over 100 people learned how to be the manager people want to follow. It was my pleasure to present the information and lead the discussion of how they could make it happen in their organizations

Thank You

Viking Cruise Line Best in the World by USA Today.

USA Today has named Viking Cruise Line as the best River Cruise Line in the world. Why you may ask makes them so special. I just returned from a week with Viking and had the opportunity to speak to employees about working for Viking.

If you read the comments on why passengers love Viking it comes down to top of the line experiences, but more important was the staff on the boats.

Talking with employees they say making customers happy and always exceeding expectations is what we do everyday. I asked those who have worked for other cruise lines why they left the other lines and the answer is how they were treated and versus Viking.

An interview with Viking to be a waiter in the dining room is done with several people and they interview focuses on the people skills of the person being interviewed.

Viking looks for people with the talent for taking care of and making customers happy. It is called job fit. Can you make our customers feel special and exceed their expectations. Viking hires for talent and trains for skills. That is the secret sauce to their success.