Know any college students graduating? Give them a free ticket to the four-day, ONLINE sixth-annual Grad CareerFestival!

Research shows 83 percent of grads leave campus unemployed.  Worse,  the average grad will take nearly 8 months to land a job. They lose $4,000 a month in salary as a result!

I’m a presenter in the sixth-annual ONLINE Grad CareerFestival along with 35 of my fellow Soar colleagues as well as 36 recently published career authors.  That’s 72 career experts!  We not only want to help grads land jobs faster but help them launch and lead successful careers too! The Grad CareerFestival is a massive four-day online career and professional development conference scheduled June 25th – 28th from 11 am to 8 pm EDT daily. 

Soar has 6,000 free tickets (value $87) to the Grad CareerFestival to share with deserving grads and I wanted to make sure my network had a shot at them.  Please forward this through your network too!

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