Third part of the series 7 ways to use the Clifton Strengths to improve your employees experience

6. Develop: Go deeper into an employee’s CliftonStrengths 34 profile.
There may not always be a promotion or pay raise available for employees who want to advance in their career. But growing and developing is about much more than “moving up.” True growth is about incrementally improving great performance, expanding your knowledge and influence, or understanding who you are at a deeper level.

Managers can help their employees develop by looking beyond their top CliftonStrengths and learning how to navigate all 34 of their CliftonStrengths themes.

A person’s best performance — both as an individual and within the team setting — depends on using their strongest CliftonStrengths to succeed, regardless of where a particular theme falls within their rank order of CliftonStrengths 34 results.
7. Depart: Strengths-based development helps with retention and gives people something valuable for a lifetime.
A strong retention strategy is your best defense in a competitive job market. Retaining your best employees can help your organization save time and money and protect against unwanted changes to culture. A strengths-based approach has been proven to help teams experience up to 72% lower turnover.

But think a bit bigger at this stage of the life cycle. Even some of your best employees will leave, for whatever reason. You can create genuine ambassadors for your employment brand when you provide employees with the chance to discover and develop their CliftonStrengths.

This investment in your people’s talents pays dividends while they work within your proverbial walls. But if (or when) they leave, you’ve given them the lasting benefit of taking a strengths-based mindset onward to apply in any aspect of their life. Whether they specifically voice this as they move on or not, employees can at least subconsciously connect their time with your organization with their discovery of what they do best.

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