A fit made in heaven

Gallup’s research suggests that the traditional reliance on experience, education, and skills or competencies is a grossly inadequate and often misleading way of building your best team. Instead, we believe the degree of fit can best be determined by examining these five areas:


How strong is your salespeople’s motivation, and what specifically motivates them to strive, to win, and to achieve? A certain restlessness — sometimes obvious and sometimes not — propels individuals who are high in motivation to ever-higher levels of productivity, mastery, service and excellence.


Do your salespeople consistently overcome obstacles and close sales? With the force of conviction and the power of persuasion, a sales representative with high influence talent inspires others to move toward desired goals sooner rather than later. Resistance is squarely met and overcome. These individuals counter arguments with reason and communicate confidently with customers in a manner that is concise, clear, and to the point.

Work style

Does your sales team demonstrate the ability to set goals, devise plans, attend to details, meet deadlines, and organize materials? All of these tasks define a team’s work style. Individuals with the desired work style characteristics handle multiple tasks with ease and know when to delegate assignments to others. They automatically see what needs to be done and do it. They thrive in a busy, productive atmosphere. Work is a source of satisfaction and pleasure for them.


What relationship patterns are most successful with your customers? In the give and take of human relationships, the best salespeople strive to gain a keen understanding of who their customers are on both a professional and personal level. In many encounters, trust is established and nurtured, understanding is ensured, and loyalty is strengthened. Appreciation enhances cooperation, cooperation enhances teamwork, and teamwork enhances the quality and quantity of outcomes.

Thought process

Do your salespeople exhibit a thought process that enables them to achieve sales objectives? Decision making, problem-solving, creativity, and innovation grow out of a great salesperson’s thought processes. The correct balance of divergent and convergent thinking leads to the generation of options, alternatives, and solutions and allows for the identification of patterns, trends, possibilities, and potential problems.

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