As the leader, you reflect the standard of excellence and recognize you are the ultimate bottleneck

When you don’t show up as a leader, everything falls apart.

You are the example of what optimal performance looks like. You become the living and breathing standard of excellence for others to emulate. You reflect your mission and values.

One thing is absolutely certain, your performance will be mimicked by those following you — whether good or bad. Thus, you are the ultimate bottleneck. Your failure to get to the next level hinders everyone relying on you. You can’t take people beyond where you currently are, personally and professionally.

Hence, Darren Hardy, author of “The Compound Effect,” has said, “Never take advice from someone you wouldn’t trade places with.”

Who you follow determines where you get in life. If your leader isn’t moving forward, you’re not moving forward, because your results are a reflection of your leader’s results.

Consequently, as the leader, you should be insanely determined to become the best you possibly can. The better you become the more clearly you can help others get where they need to go, because you’ve been there yourself.

The essence of true leadership is pure ownership. You’re no longer doing it for yourself, but so you can take those you leader further.

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