Inject a winning standard of performance before you start winning

I will be sharing with you over the next days 10 things leaders you know and respect do. Who said this?
How would your life change if you made decisions today as if you were already the person you want to become tomorrow? We tend to live up to our own feelings of ourselves (for better or for worse). If we plan to become something else, what better way to do so than to step into that skin now?”  —  Richie Norton
It doesn’t matter what your current circumstances are. Winners act like winners before they start winning.
Your mindset is what you grow into. Mental creation always precedes physical creation. Who you are in your head is who you eventually become.
Who are you in your head right now?
The first thing that happens when you step up as a leader is that you and everyone around you begin looking toward success. You start craving it, and believing it’s possible. In turn, your behavior starts changing.
It all starts with you.
It doesn’t matter where you are in your organization. As Robin Sharma explains, real leadership requires no formal title.

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