Viking Cruise Line Best in the World by USA Today.

USA Today has named Viking Cruise Line as the best River Cruise Line in the world. Why you may ask makes them so special. I just returned from a week with Viking and had the opportunity to speak to employees about working for Viking.

If you read the comments on why passengers love Viking it comes down to top of the line experiences, but more important was the staff on the boats.

Talking with employees they say making customers happy and always exceeding expectations is what we do everyday. I asked those who have worked for other cruise lines why they left the other lines and the answer is how they were treated and versus Viking.

An interview with Viking to be a waiter in the dining room is done with several people and they interview focuses on the people skills of the person being interviewed.

Viking looks for people with the talent for taking care of and making customers happy. It is called job fit. Can you make our customers feel special and exceed their expectations. Viking hires for talent and trains for skills. That is the secret sauce to their success.


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