Free lunches don’t change growth outcomes. Only improving your ratio of great to lousy managers does

Here is a link to an interview conducted by SOAR.com with Supply One Virginia Executive VP Tom Anderson and myself on turning around Supply One Virginia. Some of the results  How front line managers were trained to lead the way to the turnaround and organization silos were dramatically reduced.  Reduced unwanted turnover from 82% to …

The Most Effective Feedback Is the Kind You Ask for

How do you feel when a colleague says, “Can I give you some feedback?” Tense, defensive, anxious? You likely feel very different when asked, “Can you give me some feedback?” Those words can immediately create a trusting atmosphere in which feedback is exchanged and processed effectively. A feedback-rich environment drives business outcomes. Research shows that having conversations about development …

The 5 Tactics of Teamwork: A Blueprint for Team Management

A recent Gallup study discovered something odd: Teams with fewer than 10 members have the highest and the lowest levels of engagement in Gallup’s database. Our scientists say this illustrates how easily smallish teams can be swayed in one direction or the other. Of course, all teams can be influenced — but the fewer the direct reports, the greater …


Jan is still the best manager I have ever worked for and the lessons I learned from him, I now use as a manager of people. Get’s performance, gives praise, catches you doing right and always listens to others opinions

Best Manager I ever worked for

Jan was engaging and entertaining and involved the audience. Highly recommend Jan. John Happ -Payroll Vault

Engaging and entertaining and a great speaker

Jan is very engaging and moved the workshop along at a great pace. He made the information current to our needs and shared insights that few others workshop leaders have.  – Veteran Solutions Inc.

Great leader and very engaging

During the day I spent with Jan he was asked several times during the morning session “how to we manage and motivate the younger worker. Jan said “come back after lunch and we will talk about it. Talk about it we did. Not only what they want, how they want to be managed and the …

He has insights into managing younger workers

I have a major employee work issue that up to now could not get an idea of how to resolve the issue. Jan took time at our lunch break to sit with me and talk me through the issue and different ways that I can resolve it. He gave me the verbiage to use. Thank …

He took time at lunch to help me with a work issue

After the 1st day with Jan, I went home and my husband asked what I had learned? I told him we are no longer feeding the monkeys! I explained, employees will give you their problems and expect you to fix them. They have given you their monkeys. I learned how to give them back Martha …

I had to tell my husband what I learned

When Jan started he told us what we would have as tools and resources I was skeptical. I was wrong! He was very clear on what good looks like and how to get to what we wanted to achieve CHARLES SCHWAB – Pheonix, AZ

I wish we would have found you years ago

I had the opportunity (and pleasure) to work with Jan and what he teaches in classes and wrote in his book are how he managed people. I know I was one of his team he is still the best manager I ever had. Cindy Duval – Richmond, Va.

I worked With Jan

Jan is informative and talked about real-world issues facing employers today. Thanks Jan Bob Kertsch – Owner Protec

I would attend again

Jan delivered an above our expectation day of insight and development. He said we were not there as attendees but as participants. The insights we received, the takeaways and ah-ha moments made the day fly. Thanks Jan for what you do! Jennifer C. Webster Bank New Haven Ct.

Jan delivered above our expectations